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Those who drink well live well - the Romans already knew that. The name BENE GIN, however, refers less to the Latin word for good, but rather indirectly takes up the history of juniper schnapps.

Benedict of Nursia, the founder of the Benedictine Order, stipulated in Chapter 66 of his Regula Benedicti that monasteries should have their own kitchen gardens and various types of crafts should be carried out.

From the 13th century onwards, this also included distillation, which was originally used to preserve medicinal herbs and since juniper had long been known as a medicinal product, nothing was more obvious than to macerate it in alcohol, which is how the first gin was born. And with the variety of fruits, herbs, spices and flowers that grew in the monastery gardens, a wide range of possibilities opened up to create multi-faceted gins with great depth.


The BENE Gin brand is also based on Benedikt von Nursia

leaned on:
his birth year 480 AD can be found in the alcohol volume of the Dry Bene Gin, the logo is very similar to the Benedictus medal and copper was chosen as the corporate color because Saint Benedict is also the patron saint of coppersmiths.

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